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Bad Beat Story

February 27, 2010

I guess it’s not really a bad beat if one is behind the whole hand, but the hand I lost last night felt like a bad beat.

I was playing $1/$2 no-limit hold ’em at Winstar last night.  I was in the small blind when I was dealt AQ of hearts.  Everyone folded except the button who over bets the pot with a $12 bet.  I re-raise to $30 thinking that only three hands have me dominated (AA, KK, QQ, AK) although any pocket pair has me beat 13 to 12.  The button called and the flop came 9,9,7 rainbow.  I made a continuation bet of 30$. At this point the pot was about $90.  The button raised me all in, but he was a little short stacked, so it was only $26 more to call, so I’d be getting 5:1 on a call.  I put him on a pocket pair, although something like A9 was a possibility. The player seemed very inexperienced.  This was his first time playing in a casino and frankly he also didn’t seem to be very smart.  I don’t think a player like that would bet so strong pre-flop with A9, so all I was really worried about was AA, KK, and QQ.  I made the call.  We turn over our cards.  He has 9,9.  He had flopped quads.  Uud.  I’m drawing dead on the turn.

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  1. Flex727 permalink
    February 27, 2010 7:10 pm

    He was probably in a state of shock after that flop. I don’t know how you read that unless he totally loses it.

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