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How To Oppose President-Elect Trump

November 13, 2016

It’s been years since I’ve felt the need to blog, but the post-election freak-out has inspired me.

Useful ways to oppose Trump:

  1. Obtain the contact information of your representative and Senators. Support them in holding trump accountable using oversight hearings or impeachment and conviction, if necessary.
  2. Sign up for mailing lists of watchdog groups such as Judicial Watch or the ACLU. Consider donating.
  3. Support Republicans who showed resistance to Trump or called him out on egregious statements. Encourage your Representative to support Paul Ryan in upcoming Speaker election. Resistance from within the GOP will be more effective in the short term than partisanship.
  4. Start thinking about whom to support in the 2020 GOP primaries to oppose Trump.

Harmful and destructive ways to oppose Trump:

  1. Violence. Beating up Trump supporters and counter-protesters will not help.
  2. Angry street protests. The purpose of angry large-scale public protests is to instill fear and to demonstrate power. Causing Trump supporters to fear for public safety and order will lead to a vicious cycle of fear and anger.
  3. Civil disobedience. While civil disobedience isn’t always wrong, breaking the law is a very serious matter and is only justified to either change a specific law (by either generating a court case or public sympathy) or as a prelude to actual rebellion. But Trump hasn’t instituted any policies or signed any laws for you to disobey. Civil disobedience at this point can only be interpreted as an attack on the Republic itself.
  4. Boycotts. Threatening the livelihoods of Trump supporters won’t convince them to join you in opposing Trump. Employers asking Trump supporters to quit, or customers refusing to patronize businesses owned by Trump supporters only contributes to the environment of resentment and anger that made Trump’s election possible in the first place.
  5. Calumny. Falsely accusing Trump supporters of racism, sexism, religious bigotry, homophobia, and general deplorability is morally wrong and counter-productive. Most Trump voters are not bigots. To paint with a broad brush and accuse people of bigotry for simply supporting Trump destroys your credibility. To effectively oppose Trump, you need to win the support of citizens of good will who voted for him. Don’t alienate those people.
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  1. Debbie M permalink
    November 13, 2016 8:19 pm

    I would say it’s not even appropriate to oppose Trump (except maybe if you’re voting in the Electoral College next month). It’s better to just directly oppose hatred and the policies you don’t like, as you’ve implied.

    I’m even learning not to be angry at Trump voters. As you say, some of them are not full of hatred and just want better policies like we all do.

    That said, I oppose nearly every issue that my Representative and Senators support and vice versa. They tend to be pro-big-business profits over all other concerns. Nevertheless, they do have to deal with receiving quite a few petitions from me. On the ones where we can edit the wording, I try to appeal to their conservative principles such as a competitive market economy, fiscal responsibility, and states’ rights.

    I’m also wearing the safety pin to show that I am an ally for people being harassed and threatened (though I don’t carry weapons or anything). And I have written to my neighborhood association president asking if there has been a rise in hate-inspired graffiti that they need help in painting over.

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